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Here, i would like to share with you guys some of my car set up and installation. Comment are welcome. Hope in future it will be loaded with turbo...kekeke.......

 Latest !!!

VIP Style!! - Stage 3 - S&F

Coming money yet 

VIP Style!! - Stage 2 - Bodykits

Went to customized my bodykits with Fabolous from nissan cefiro. It tooks 2-3 weeks to complete. Done this at VENIS bodykits.Good job!!

 Week 1 ----
Fiber Surgery v2- 20/11/08 

Week 2 ----
29/11/08 - v2 Day before spraying

Stage 2 completed ----


VIP Style!! - Stage 1 - RIM

Rim arrived from Japan...ya fit nicely to my ride...
Brand: Fabolous Profound
Size: 18" Offset +38   8jj

In Japan....
Arrived in Malaysia - Octorber

In Malaysia....
Get the new shoe - 6/11/08

New-Look with Stickers

This year, I very good boy, hehe, did not spend much on my ride, just added some stickers. original ler hehe...tx

Latest Look

PowerZone 4-2-1

Just installed the 421 from powerzone...get it when the Juru autoshow 2007, they having a i got it with cash n carry price....and happy with the performance too.....just that the sound will be a litterbit lound for me.....
by the way...changing any brand of 421 , the result will be LOUND!!! but u got the PICKUP...hehe


Angle Eyes Headlamp

Yeah..just installed the angle eye headlmap for easy to install as "plug & play" . Its from local made and the CCFL ring was so bright...hehe...

New Installation of R3 Cable and Engine Cover

erm....look more nicer the heart of my car....
and it cheap since i bought in on Merdeka special 30% for all the R3 graped for few items....

- R3 Sprak Plug Cable
- R3 Alluminium Engine Cover
- R3

SuperVision H.I.D

hey guys.....hehe...HID a seller i think i should try off this product ...

- SuperVsion HID  6000k

- Taiwan made (China or Taiwan made all same laa...)

As feedback....i found that it quite good in rainning there....but for sure the brightness could not beat with those RM1k above product like Phillip.....what the price u what the result u buy.....lastly...i rate is as 70% over 100%....due to the price and the quality....

* 6000k is enuf for us who follow(scare) the Law.....coz 8000k color will be i dun think police will just let you go happyly....hehehe....

ein Bild

ein Bild



20,000 km Service

Is time to service again.....this time i would not support proton i just bought n found sum nice stuff for my car....

- Q8 engine oil  from England  ( 10w 40 )

- Motul Coolant

- Oil Filter

Just 3 things i changed only....hehe......

ein Bild





Smoked Headlamp

this time, changed my headlamp to back face style.....btw lastly i still pull it out due to the problem happen on the headlamp...the direction of the light output does not accurate.....finally i found that the adjust button was now i had taken it the look

ein Bild




GAB Lowerer Suspension high the car.....ok...since my fren going to sell his 2 month if for cheap price...... im not regret of getting ti brand or set up....coz it gv me the most imporant things (COmfortable)...yes it did

- GAB Sport Absorber + GAB Spring






BMW ACS m3 Wing


Bmw M3 ACS it from Racing Fit.....that time is the price very low....




Autogauge Meter

Defi meter...erm.....dun think about it......the Autogauge

- Open ceromony (BF) Vocumm and Volt





Bonet Lifter (Engine Bay)

Done some make up as well for the engine bay....will make up similar to r3 in future

- Zenden Front Bar

-Violence Oil Catch Tank

-Hood Lifter





Bodykits Installed

So since installed the tyre......i made my car look so huge like i had make up her with bodykits.....





New Rim

After the Sepang Track, my tyre almost gone, here get a new set of tyre and rim. It might look ungly....but i like..hehe...

- Kspeed 16"  (OZ replica Ultraleggera)

- Wraped with Hankook Ventus V8





All Brand New new gf.......look so pretty .....just meet her few dayss

- Tinted the glass with "Tint Shop"

- Changed the Number Plate to better Look






Supporting Website

Latest Update

- Neon Angle Eyes Rings
- H4 bulb 6k Conversion
- FRP Bodykits
- ABS Bodykits
- 12 LED Evening Light
RC (Remote Control)

- HPI Drift Tyre
- HPI Bodyshell
- Heng Long RTR Drift/Touring Cars
- EP / IB Interllect 7.2v Stick Pack
- ABS Drift Tyre
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